Streetcar Home


An unstoppable story; an uncompromising project:
To each generation was born a Champion of Light
And a Champion of Darkness…primeval
And great armies would clash by night
In the ancient war between good and evil
There was magic then, nobility
And unimaginable cruelty
And so it was until the biggest match in history
The Irresistible Force meeting the Immovable Object


Urissa sat there on the streetcar with her boyfriend, Abe Sir, who was recovering from another long day at the meatpacking plant. She rested her head on her fingertips. This position was not very restful but was an appropriate balance of her tenseness and wariness. Today’s dreariness is nothing new, nor was Abe’s thankless labor unique in life as they knew it. Yet what was new was that Abe actually confronted his boss, something that was not only an exercise in futility, but perhaps a dangerous act as well. It was often said that, “Those who cross Harry Augustina wear cement boots in the marina.”

Abe – more brave than he was smart – went into Harry Augustina’s office on that Saturday afternoon to discuss, among other things, working on a Saturday afternoon. Additionally, Abe, on behalf of not only himself but also his brethren on the floor, pleaded for safer conditions and slightly more humane hours. Extra pay was never even broached (baby steps). The requests were, to their minds, conservative. Yet Augustina had no time for this and roundly kicked him out of the office, docking him a day’s pay in the process.

At least Urissa and Abe had each other. She called him Sir Abe, as if he were a member of an old and storied line, full of nobility, triumphs, and wine. Though if she were to be perfectly honest with herself, he was generally only filled with one of those three, and it discolored his teeth. An oncoming car momentarily appeared as if it would strike them head on, but it soon passed them on the neighboring track. Their car began to slow as it reached the next platform.

Look at him sleeping
Streetcar slowly creeping
Glass pillow fogging
Contented deep breathing
My lovely
Lit by the moonlight
Tonight, we figure out how we’ll fight

It seems like this battle will never end
Pushing and pulling each other forever
Just as air pressure dictates the weather
Two equal but opposite forces together

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