New Orleans; New Beginnings


New Orleans

Moving away was the best decision that Glendan had ever made. At the age of 18 he took a job with a fishing company in New Orleans after befriending one of their ship captains at a bar in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Glendan had been itching to leave for some time. He loved the Bumgiles, his sister, and even his mercurial brother, but he knew there was more that awaited him out there in the world. He sought adventure. And though he knew nothing of New Orleans, this job opportunity offered him the chance that he could not refuse.

It was not the mere change of scenery itself that made the move so monumental. It was the people…the person. A young French woman who worked in a bookstore on Royal Street that he frequented. This woman, he knew, would change his world. Carenf Lumiere. She is what made this move the best decision of Glendan’s young life.

Glendan’s hand was in hers, carefree in folly, darting across the street, dodging the trolley, following her lead. “I trust you…I trust you because I love you.” he said. He had never said “I love you” before. Come to think of it, he had only ever said “I trust you” a couple of times in his life as well. This was exhilarating. Sure, the proclamation was not reciprocated, but it didn’t matter! It was out there now, and she had not recoiled. When they reached the safety of the sidewalk she smiled and kissed his cheek. It was a start!

Carenf had been hounded by would-be suitors from the time that should could be hounded by would-be suitors. She was of above average attractiveness, sure, but that wasn’t the reason. There was something more. She did not come from wealth, either. She emanated a warmth rivaling the sun, spawning life with her light where indifference would otherwise proliferate. Many had swooned over her, but none ignited a similar flame in her as she in them. None until Glendan. What was it about him? He was a wonderful man, yes. He came from meaningful stock, she suspected. He presented a challenge before her, while also offering a history to mine.

One month after Glendan professed his love, Carenf returned the sentiment in kind. One morning he woke to her staring deep into his not-yet-adjusted-to-the-light eyes: “I love you,” she said.

Adventure can be positively stirring
It can also be incredibly unnerving
Certainty is the safe bet; know what to expect
More time, less substance, on which to reflect

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