Geryman and Urissa were seated in the back of Jules Maes Saloon, each with a glass of whiskey. This was one of the dozens of hideouts Urissa was using since declaring her war on Harry Augustina. Geryman was there to try to convince his sister not to continue with her guerilla attacks on Augustina. Urissa had already masterminded three separate attacks: a public relations campaign against Augustina Meats to hurt his billfold, a fire at Harry’s main factory to hurt his means of production, and – most disconcerting – a bombing of Harry’s car outside of Rippe’s Cafe aimed directly at him. No one was hurt in that explosion, but a message was sent, and a line crossed. How far was this going to go? This whiskey summit was a last-ditch effort to stave off something that may already have too much momentum to be stopped. She explained why she had to get retribution:

In this serious moment, I appeal to you to help me
An ignoble war has been declared to the weak
The indignation shared fully by me is enormous
I foresee that very soon I shall be forced to take war’s onus
To try and avoid such a calamity as a war in the streets
I beg you in the name of our family to do what you can to aid me

She pleaded with her brother to aid her in eliminating Augustina directly, thus decapitating the head of the beast and avoiding further unnecessary bloodshed. However, Geryman couldn’t just turn his back on his “other” family. Not even for his real family. He came to this meeting hoping to convince her to take a payoff from Augustina to call a truce. In his heart of hearts he probably knew that Urissa would settle for nothing less than Augustina’s life – an eye for an eye. Yet he still appealed for compromise:

The persons morally responsible for Abe’s death
Should receive their deserved punishment
In this case loyalties play no part at all
I am exerting my utmost influence to induce Augustina
To deal straightly to arrive to an agreement
I confidently hope that you will help me in my efforts
To smooth over difficulties and not forestall

Urissa sipped her drink, awash in the sorrow of knowing that her kin was essentially taking her adversary’s side. His love for her was still present, she could tell. But it could not break the bond he felt for the man who had taken him under his wing years ago. She would never forgive him.

Geryman had feared this outcome, but was not completely surprised by it. Urissa didn’t understand. It was Augustina, not her, who could help him fulfill his potential. His destiny would be bigger than his sister’s thirst for revenge. He said his peace, finished his drink, and bid farewell, unsure what might lie ahead.

As attempts to forge alliance fail
The ultimate result is division
When parties seek eagerly to prevail
They are more likely to schism

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