Alliance I


Tayli and Mariano were interesting characters. Tayli owned and operated a series of delis that bought and sold Augustina meats. (Being a woman in 1914, she didn’t really “own” the delis, her husband did, yet when his worthless ass ran off to parts unknown she paid a shady former delivery man, Mariano, to forge the paperwork necessary to maintain control). Tayli had always been friendly with Urissa and Abe Sir. Nevertheless, when Abe met his end – and was transformed into slices of bologna later sold in her deli – Tayli stayed financially loyal to Augustina. She continued to buy his goods and even promised to alert his clan if Urissa ever came by her establishment. When the day finally came, when Urissa did come by the shop, Tayli found it in her heart to give her a one hour head start before informing Augustina.

Mariano had less ambiguity. If you pay him to do something, he would do it. Violence was not an issue for him or his friends. That said, Mariano did believe in more than just mercenary work. He was a reader of the Union and rooted for the little guy. He was eager to take Augustina down a notch – or six feet.

With that background, and after hearing about Urissa’s retreat from the city, Tayli and Mariano met with Glendan, Carenf, and Janifer to discuss cooperation. Discussed was the possibility of expanded business opportunities once Augustina was removed. Assets would be seized and disseminated. With ideas of future financial bounties, allegiances were easily traded. Carenf and Glendan made it clear that they did not want anyone hurt unnecessarily. On this point, they were not naive. They knew people were going to get hurt. There just had to be parameters. One was that no harm would come to Geryman. They merely wanted intel on his whereabouts. Family matters would be handled internally.

An alliance forged
And a course charted
Warnings ignored
Must finish what’s started
Battles will spill onto the street
Combatants trampled underneath
Blood tracked by shoe soles
Our decision’s toll

Calls were made to bring more soldiers to their side. This alliance would fight Augustina and Geryman here in Seattle. Urissa was suppose to gather support in Portland. The theater expanded.

Help to what end
Your closest friend?
How far would you go
To best your foe?

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