Janifer made her way down to Portland through back routes and misdirection to avoid being spotted by Augustina and Geryman’s henchmen. It took several days to find Urissa holed up in an opium den on the outskirts of town, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a city smoldered around her. Before the war, she had been a charismatic firebrand, able to motivate the many to her cause. Losing as much as she did – without stopping to grieve – proved too much when at the same time she was counted upon to lead a revolution. Her recruitment efforts ceased and she sought escapism instead.

Janifer pleaded with Urissa to snap the fuck out of it. There was too much yet to be done for her to give up now. Too much to live for; too much to avenge. Progress was being made: Tayli and Mariano were passing the months instigating rebellions against the various business ventures of Harry Augustina, resulting in closures, brutal crackdowns, and tit-for-tat violence that spilled from the factories and into blood feuds between neighbors that soon engulfed whole communities. Augustina was hemorrhaging money. Some began to question his ability to fund the fight for his empire. Additionally, Glendan had infiltrated Moon Tat’s religious followers and was drawing ever-closer to the leader.

And yet nothing could penetrate the opioid forcefield that surrounded Urissa’s mind. She seemed content to live out her last days ensuring that there wouldn’t be many last days to live.

Janifer then remembered who she was dealing with. Talk did little; Urissa was a woman of action. Janifer knew she had one last card left to play. With a quick roundhouse, Janifer had knocked her friend unconscious, then dragged her into a stolen carriage and headed back north to Seattle. The time for talk was over. Deeds were necessary.

When Urissa eventually came to, she managed a smirk through the pain of a bruised jaw. She had been saved. The gang was getting back together.

Events can become overwhelming
Circumstances shrouded in fear
Yielding decisions opaque
That should otherwise be clear

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