Glendan had been embedded among Moon Tat’s disciples for months. He learned the prayers, attended services, and did his best to blend into the growing flock. Glendon hatched this plan to study Moon’s teachings and his actions. To find a hypocrisy, some weakness to exploit, and then bring down the organization from within. If Moon could be toppled bloodlessly, his followers (and the soldiers among them) might schism. Killing him was not a viable option. It would be counterproductive; turning his devotees into avengers of a martyr.

Moon Tat’s Counsel consisted of six: Qira, Raysi, Aleris, Audra Abisia, Pete Sanil, and Trey Ku. They were young, ambitious, and violent as all hell. It seemed as though they could change the world – for better or worse the future would tell. Glendan was allowed to sit in on meetings, provide feedback on speeches, and even help with some of the organization’s financials. He had been welcomed into their ranks…

…Which made them all the more irate when he was caught. Thinking he was alone one evening, Glendan was rifling through Moon’s correspondence with Big Laura ordering the killing of a former follower named Amerina. The details were gruesome. This could be what would bring down the religious leader! But then Aleris walked into the study and called for the others. Glendan was grabbed, punched, tied, kicked, questioned, pummeled, and finally, thrown into a car. He was moved to a nearby garage and Moon Tat was called for. After a wait that was simultaneously brief and eternal, Moon arrived. His enforcer, Big Laura, was busy bringing suffering upon others this evening. But Moon could do plenty of damage on his own.

(Moon Tat)
My family is a proud one
With ups and downs that come with history
Kept submissive like a cowed son
It won’t be much of a mystery
That with this movement and a gun
Relationships so coarse can become blistery
Shade shifts in desert sun
Let us start the inquiry

Moon unsheathed his knife and took a chunk out of Glendan’s right thigh with a graceful and effortless swing of the arm. He was mildly interested in getting information, but inflicting punishment was his top priority at the moment. He taunted Glendan, “Let me tell you the story of Amerina, the last person who sought to double-cross me.” The bloody knife rose again and then swiftly descended once more.

The shell that obscures
Risks stunting growth
While that which exposes
Can yield a slit throat

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