Carenf was passing the days in shadows, scouring all corners of the city looking for clues and information that would bring her closer to the whereabouts of Geryman, who in turn spent the evenings attempting to shed light on the hideouts and motives of this mysterious Carenf. The two stalked each other, circling, stopping only to disseminate strategy to their subordinates.

Her skills advanced, senses sharpened, abilities grew. She felt self-actualized. Little did she know, she was only scratching the surface. Then one night, out of nowhere…


Carenf was dropped to her knees, struck with a vision of Glendan, bound and bloodied, so vivid and clear it was as if she was in the room. Instinctively she knew that this scene was playing out now, in real time, and she somehow knew exactly where he was being held. Into her car she leapt, speeding off to save her love.

Arriving outside of the darkened garage, there was no time to waste. Glendan was alive – this she knew – but for how long? With no regard for her own life, she barged through the front doors, down the stairs, and into the back room where Glendan was being held. Heads turned to the door, and then froze, fossilized, while their hearts began to quiver. Carenf’s first glance was at Glendan, bleeding from a dozen wounds. Then she turned her attention to Moon Tat, hands covered with her lover’s blood. Without the time to think, her arms raised parallel to the ground. Her irises/corneas/pupils faded, leaving white, glowing orbs. As they shown, both Glendan and Moon Tat began to convulse. The bleeding of one began to slow and the wounds to close. The skin of the other tore, and crimson began to flow. Writhing in pain, summoning the last bit of strength that he could, Moon turned his knife on himself, plunging it into his stomach.

With their leader now dead (martyred!), the Counsel stared at Carenf for a moment. The feeling in their extremities returned. Flooded with sorrow and anger, but mostly with fear, they all turned and ran for the exit. All but one, that is. Aleris stood still while the others fled. He then stepped forward to help Glendan to his feet. As Carenf came out of the altered state that had possessed her, she too rushed to Glendan’s side. There was a tight, tearful embrace. Then the three left the garage. After getting them out of the building, Aleris ran off into the darkness of the alleyway, unsure of a destination, yet positive that the consequences of his transgression would be grave. The remaining Counsel knew not what powers they had just witnessed, but they knew that Aleris had abandoned them, and this act of treason would never, ever be forgiven.

Whatever you may sow
May you find some sleep
For the weight brought in tow
That too you shall reap

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