Battle Royale


He had never felt so alive, literally taking a life for himself – into himself. Feeling unstoppable, Geryman consolidated his power. He called together the big three of himself, Harry Augustina, and Big Laura. Long ago he begun to take over command operations from Augustina, whose best assets now were deep pockets and old favors. Laura had been more or less single-handedly wreaking havoc all over the city in the weeks since Moon Tat’s death. Now, with this newly harnessed supernatural ability, this war was Geryman’s to win.

He had wanted the remnants of Moon’s Counsel there as well, but the individual members seem to have disbanded and disappeared into the dark corners of the city. They would not be reliable now. Meeting at their newest hideout (they rotated often) Geryman discussed the next offensive. Augustina’s spies in the community had delivered some choice intel: Urissa had returned to Seattle and her mind – now cleansed of toxins, if not troubles – was sharpening. She was meeting often with Glendan, Tayli, Janifer, and Carenf to discuss an offensive of their own. The five were presently holed up in a tiny apartment in Ballard. Cocksure, Geryman decided it was time for a decisive victory.

On their drive across the shipping canal into Ballard, Geryman lapsed into a trance where he found himself telepathically linked to Carenf. Shocked, then bewildered, they stared at each other as if from across a room. One of them spoke, though he was not entirely sure whom, as the voice lacked sound. ‘The docks’. Then he heard static followed by a fade back into his physical surroundings in the back of the car. “Take us to the docks, Laura. They’ll meet us there.”

As the eight belligerents lined up on the wooden pier-turned-stage, the smell of salted water and rotted fish seemed to portend an end for some who had gathered. Geryman looked across to his brother and sister, and with some heaviness in his heart, stated “you could have prevented this.” Incredulously, Urissa responded that he and Augustina left them no choice. He saw the tears in her eyes. His glance turned to Carenf – the face from his visions. He found her more intimidating in person, yet sensed that the feeling was reciprocated. With a blend of confidence and cautiousness, they were going to battle.

Outnumbered three-to-five, Geryman initiated the action, extending a hand and absorbing all light around Carenf, plunging her into darkness. This bought him a moment to grab Tayli and begin sucking her life force, not for himself, but to transfer it to the oldest and most feeble combatant, Augustina. As the patriarch of the group grew in stature, Tayli crumbled to the ground gasping for breath. Carenf had quickly fought off Geryman’s distraction and shot the previously vacated light back at Geryman, blinding him and breaking his hold on Tayli, saving her life.

With Tayli incapacitated on the ground, and Augustina built into the greatest physical version of himself, the two sides thus commenced a fight that would alter the nature of their struggle.

Flickering shadows on the wall
Dancing lights projected on the backs of eyelids
Sight, like blindness, cannot help
To view what nature prohibits

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