While Geryman and Carenf traded blows, battling to a stalemate, all around them their worlds fell apart. Big Laura had quickly dispensed with Janifer, knocking her unconscious. Augustina was on top of Urissa, choking the life out of her. When Glendan tried to intervene, Laura quickly beat him to the ground. Victory seemed assured for Geryman’s side. But then Glendan, battered and bloodied at the fists of Laura, was able to duck a would-be finishing roundhouse and swiped her leg, sending her over the edge of the dock. Unable to swim, the giant woman drowned in 8 feet of water. At the same time, as life began to fade from Urissa’s eyes, Tayli summoned all that she had left in her depleted body to crawl to a discarded pistol, shooting Augustina through the neck, ending him as well. Geryman’s two allies were dead. Carenf’s four allies lay immobilized. Before they could regain their strength, Geryman chose flight over fight. His decisive battle with Carenf would have to come another day. As he made his escape he scooped up his sister in his arms and vanished into the night.

Once again, Geryman fell into an altered state. Part trance, part dream, something inside him was battling for control. He knew not if he should trust it, yet it flooded him with a sense of boundless power. He embraced its unknown.

Red shades my eyes
Black, the feeling inside
Backed into a corner
The loss that adorns her
Let us join together
Hollow bone and feather
To partake in the wine
On flesh we shall dine

He retreated to an Augustina-owned brothel that he had never frequented himself, but that he knew to be safe. Geryman laid Urissa down to rest before heading upstairs to satiate his animalistic thirsts.

Reaching out to pull you close
Whisked away to an internal world
Ripped away, devoid of clothes
Limbs in limbs, fingers in curls
In darkness, eternal, all around enter

Urissa awoke in a haze. Head ablaze. Opium crazed. Liker a wine glass, raised. Eyes glazed. In ways irresistible, she heads up the stairs, leaving behind her malaise to enter the maze. Movements were made without intention. Everyone in the building merely responding to gravitation.

More, always more
Love and touch and gore
Drink it up, take it in
Bursts come again and again
Timelessness is endlessness
Sucked into the void
Selflessness, oneness

Pile up high
Swallow the ground
Pain and pleasure
Ecstasies abound

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