Drawn to your beauty, your power
Amongst these desperate weeds, you tower
Dedicating my life to feed this flower
Betrayal! Venus Fly Trap’s to devour

Supernova – end of an age
Leaves me at a disadvantage
My Other now reinforced
What next is action’s course?

Stievo knew immediately that his father had succeeded in killing Carenf. The sense of power being redistributed fell him to his knees. After some initial discombobulation, he eventually sensed that his Other, Aricame, was the beneficiary of all the power that Carenf had left to give. Though it was clear to him that his own powers were left unaltered, he was now in a weaker state relative to his rival. Aricame held the advantage. When Geryman returned home, Stievo inquired about the battle.

It was too easy, she was ready
To die and to end her part in the story
She remained largely human, denying her glory
Whereas I embraced my crown, objectives steady
I felt what you felt, the passing of the baton
Exiting the stage but allowing her heir to carry on

Aricame would ultimately be the next target, but there was still some unfinished business to tend to first – family business. His younger brother, Glendan, was next on the hit list. The older brother was eager to show off his improved talents to his sibling. Unfortunately for him, Carenf must have taught her husband a few mental tricks of her own. For a mere human, Glendan was showing some advanced mental acuity in alluding detection from Geryman’s telepathy. Every time Geryman thought he had honed in on Glendan’s whereabouts, the signal was lost; the trail went cold. Glendan had fled to the islands off of Seattle, taking with him as many as he could, those who wanted to flee the carnage of the mainland. It became a continuous game of cat-and-mouse with Glendan continually evading capture as death fell from the sky all around him.

Air does not simply rest atop land
Pressure shall apply, support to receive
Where the two shall meet, do perceive
For that which lies between is truly grand

Frustrated, Geryman gathered with Tayli and Janifer to discuss consolidating their stronghold in the northwest so that they could then launch their greater campaign for dominance. Geryman was still dead set on settling Glendan’s debt, but he wanted to give the others some work to take care of in the interim. Carenf’s death had sent the government into disarray and it was decided that now it was up to Tayli and Janifer to expedite the decay. Two decades ago they had formed an alliance with the opposite side of this war. Now, the two traitors had formed a counter tripartite to bring the region to its knees. Once again, Seattle would become a fiery, smoke-filled cauldron of carnage.