Starting Over

CHAPTER 23 (1950-1953) – I

Hanci needed to find her twins. The first place she went after leaving the Seattle hospital in 1945 was the old family home. There she found Rae and Ko alive and well, even if much of the home that surrounded them was in ruin. The twins had been kidnapped by Janifer Pompea’s gang during the war and were locked away for years under the command of Janifer’s top lieutenant, Evan Tim. Once Evan received word of Janifer’s death, he and the rest of her goons simply unlocked all the cells and walked away. They were done fighting. Rae and Ko made their way back home and began to scrape out a living for themselves.

Hanci and the boys had endured so much over the past several years, it was time to start over somewhere new. They packed up a few belongings and left town. Drifting from one place to another every few months, they eventually settled down in Dallas, Texas. Seemingly everything about their new home was different from their old one…Hanci loved it. She was running away from the person she was before the war, before Janifer destroyed virtually everyone and everything that she loved.

She also needed a change in occupation. Hanci had been no saint in her previous life. She had controlled one of the largest drug rings in Seattle, making it one of the biggest in the whole northwest part of the country, but she was not interested in that line of work any longer. She wasn’t ready to go straight, per se, as she still held quite a bit of contempt for most things, especially people. However, her brief friendship with Glendan during their trying times together made her more sympathetic to the plight of others. Like most of America during the late ‘40s, she was intently following the dueling paths toward justice that were playing out in the country’s cities and newspapers: authoritarian absolutism (embodied in Stievo’s FBI) versus pragmatic utilitarianism (as seen with Ohrmazd’s/Aricame’s vigilantism).

Hanci never fought against Stievo directly. Though he was nominally on the opposing side when war broke out, he fought valiantly against Geryman, and in doing so he defanged Tayli and Janifer a great deal, leading to their eventual downfalls. To Hanci, the current lawman had made a heroic decision and not only emerged victorious, but also stronger than anyone else from that conflict.

In 1949, after the botched operation in Chicago, Hanci wrote to Stievo’s offices expressing her support and admiration, despite what the newspapers were saying. She wrote about her own aspirations regarding public service and soon began to receive letters and phone calls in return. Stievo recognized her potential (and her value to him) right away. As that year’s election for state Attorney General approached, he put his still-potent support behind her and she eked out a narrow victory. Her new life was off to an auspicious beginning. Between Hanci and Stievo, it was hard to say who was more pleased.

The mind is like a mountain once covered in virgin snow
Its tendencies are like a sled, creating lasting grooves
Brush away old tracks, make them smooth; then rethink what you know
Possibilities are unleashed with the freedom to move