two became one
two became none

The presence of two Champions inside one psyche annihilated Aricame’s consciousness. The body was in tantrum, convulsing and lashing out. It was a tower under attack, splitting and crumbling. Structure transmuted to rubble. Order to chaos – entropy. Aricame’s body disintegrated, liquefied – next to Stievo’s body, petrified.

Time was warped. Seconds passed as years (or was it vice-versa?). The push and pull battle that was taking place in some invisible-yet-physical realm had reached a stalemate. There was no coming back for two Champions as they previously existed.

Stievo would have to be satisfied claiming a lesser victory of restating the rules of engagement. The Champion of Dark had mastered the body leap, a move that had never before been successfully executed. Left with no other recourse, he jumped again, subdividing and scattering in every direction in search of new hosts. No single body would be as strong as Stievo’s had been, but together they would equal all the power that the Champion of Dark could bring to bear.

Stievo was no more. A new name was in order; a reset for the next phase of battle. He who was once Stievo had become Cai-Ream – a single force in opposition to Aricame that could take on innumerable forms.

The remnants of Aricame’s and Stievo’s bodies disintegrated to their most basic constituent parts. Atoms and molecules then began to swirl, drawing themselves together, reconstituting something resembling their previous state. The two fallen bodies reassembled. What they created was the largest, strongest being to have ever walked the planet. Unified, Aricame rose from the rubble of two fallen structures with the full force of the Champion of Light’s nature.

Game on!

General Relativity-Quantum Mechanics
Grand prescriptions persist about what is right/good in the macro
Where power tends to accumulate in such predictable ways
Bland realities resist the way we think/act in the micro
Where forces react in idiosyncratic single displays