CHAPTER 32 (12002-12016 Champions Era / 2002-2016 AD) – I

Aricame was on a mission. Determined to unearth evil, malice, and all remnants of his counterpart wherever it may reside, his actions were belligerent. With his rival scattered in all directions, nowhere was safe. Every rock need be flipped over, or simply obliterated. The maniacal obsession was different from what the entity had experienced before. The union with their Other had left a mark…like yin with a dollop of yang – or perhaps more like a cognitive virtuoso with a degenerative mental condition.

Meanwhile, the newly rejuvenated Cai-Ream watched and waited. His power dispersed and disseminated, everywhere and everyone was a source of quarter and cover. Wherever Aricame’s watchful eye or the destructive fist was targeted, destruction was ubiquitous, yet escape assured. Cai-Ream was nebulous. A viscous fluid that flowed downhill, filling cracks and fissures, permeating and empowering every vessel whose emptiness served its very purpose of existence. And when the heat became too much, he evaporated and drifted upon the clouds.

For a while, the dynamic held constant: a strong and powerful one versus an equally potent, yet diffuse, many. In time, Aricame punched himself out. He fell victim to the rope-a-dope. As destruction spread, no matter the supposed good of the intent, the world began to turn against him. The power of Cai-Ream became more attractive. The shadows became more appealing. He slowly began to consolidate. In the places where Aricame would no longer venture, Cai-Ream took up residence. And when met with resistance by the locals, he would unleash a sorrow that surpassed even the collateral damage of his Other’s reckless adventurism.

Annexation. Peace was eviscerated. Well-being ceased being whichever being came to town.

As his form took shape, Cai-Ream became emboldened to push back rather than remain on the run. He was still not yet ready to battle one-on-one, however that day was not too far off.

Urges to save humanity
Are truthfully urges to rule it
Yet leave ‘em be and then we’ll see
Someone else arrive who’s full o’ shit