Deep in meditation, Aricame couldn’t help but notice the existence of the thoughts that thought themselves into existence. They had a mind of their own (his) and they wouldn’t cede ground. Pushing against his seemingly misplaced wish to find solace and separation, the images that kept thrusting themselves into Aricame’s consciousness were the symbols that were incongruously interspersed throughout Lineal Champions of History. Seemingly random at first blush, there was an ever so perceptible pattern to them. A message hidden within. An invitation to read between and behind the lines. Communicated by whom?! Victor Strife? Avril? Someone else?

Booya! Breakthrough! In a flash – intuitional intertwined intelligence – knowing nothingness – something began to appear. The symbols took flight, rearranging before him, forming a superstructure. Just as focus narrowed in on the message … Violence! … Aricame was ripped from deep and narrow mental precision…

Oddly warm and welcoming
Pulsating blackness, a sinkhole that beckons
Drawn to be gone, a black dawn
Cognitively repulsed yet impulse implores to explore
The void, emptiness – ending
A shithole reckoning
Why the attraction? Is giving up so desirable?
No more struggle, no more anguish
Alas, fleeting desires need not be entertained
Simply released, they evaporate
Blackness yields to clarity of sky and will
Coolness prickles the senses as the void distances
Separation, releasing the suction between
Two forces pushing and pulling
As ever

Two psyches were once again joined in agitated union and the rest of the world stood still…

Stared down and left shook
A stare down was all that it took
Past present future in a look
Two Champions facing the faceless
Pure potency
Transcending the physical, formless
Pure cogency
Both cracked the code of the book

Aricame and Cai-Ream exited their shared trance, each knowing that their Other had found the pattern. Much work was left to be done as neither Champion knew exactly how to put the code into practice, though after their stare down, they were confident that their adversary wasn’t sure either. What was most perplexing was that the code seemed to suggest that unity and harmony between the opposites would lead to peace. Duality turned monality. They would work together – possibly even merge. That was nonsense, right?! They had never been further apart. What exactly was the code telling them?! Whatever it was, it was significant enough to trigger an unconscious connection between the two great Champions.

Back in the everyday world, the gaping wound upon the earth’s body became still. No longer pulsing and pulling and purging, it lay silent: a continental cave, an open grave. Surrounding its stillness was the busy swarm of activity as the rest of humanity struggled to comprehend what had befallen them. As the scientists were left without answers, even the most stalwart atheists found religion. In a way, those who turned to God were correct, for humanity was suffering the acts of God – both of them.

Sacred geometry
Naked necromancy
Swirling ideals
Keeping it real