Last Days

CHAPTER 39 (12520 Champions Era / 2520 AD) – I

The year that would be the last of human existence was a shameful one.

The Few who were of the most original version of themselves were scheduled for decommissioning. It was planned obsolescence. After being cloned/modified, these baser versions were superfluous and were sent out of the compound to clear out The Many. There had always been some level of codependence between The Few and The Many, however tenuous. Now all ties could be cut. The New Few had advanced beyond reliance upon what little The Many had to offer. The carbon copied were let out of the compound to be unleashed upon the unwitting, but not before they were infected with a designer virus that would spread aggressively through The Many – and all Homo Sapiens for they lacked the designed genetic defenses.

Prior to the release of the ‘disease to end all of humanity,’ The Many had already been debating an extinction-level event of their own. Newly equipped with an A.I. power that they could not control, they argued about how to deploy their weapon. Lacking organizational structure, the loudest and strongest carried much of the favor. They wanted to help the A.I. to get into the compound and render it a dead, petrified edifice. The plan was to strike at the next trade delegation dispatched from the compound. They would capture/kill/dismember a member of The Few and connect their uncontrollable A.I. into the nanobots circulating through their body, thus connecting directly to the network controlled from within the compound. The more deliberate within the deliberation cautioned that whatever it was that they had harnessed, it was beyond their control and they could not expect it to stop consuming and destroying once it finished off the life source of The Few. These prudent defenders of judiciousness were beaten to death.

So it was – and so it should be – that on the same day that the lobotomized Few left the security of the compound in order to wage war upon The Many, Trojan-horsing the organism of their ultimate demise, the most brutish and basic of The Many had unleashed a virus of a different sorts that would have the same outcome. It was in these dual decisions that humanity would come to an end.

It was this irrationality of The Many that brought the downfall of The Few. The Few had become too rational; too disconnected from the irrationality and emotion of the human experience. The cyborgs had tipped their balance too far from the animalistic and thus never anticipated the suicidal act of The Many.

It is prudent for the student
To follow the rule of the school
Because authority will take priority
Placing morality above reality