Irresistible Meets Immovable, Pt. 5


The Champions who had previously inhabited human bodies were no longer beholden to biology. The dynastic bloodlines that their Champion rules had mandated were now anachronistic. The lineage that traveled through Aricame and Carenf and generations further back was dead, as was the lineage from Stievo to Geryman to preceding millennia. The two Champions were distilled to their truest natures, unburdened by human vicissitudes. They were One and Zero, pure forces.

That was what they were, but that was not who they were. For want of names, transcending the bonds of flesh and the flicks of tongue, they became concepts…

The Champion that was once Aricame became the Irresistible Force:

The Champion that was once Stievo became the Immovable Object:

and the machines had a dollop of consciousness, becoming progressively more human-like. and the humans/cyborgs had a glob of technological processing power, becoming progressively more like robots. The two Champions had mixed technology and biology to such an extent that humanity was becoming something different. Their battle commenced within wires and veins and circuits and synapses and chips and tissue. It was data processing as existential sport. What they were undergoing was evolution by natural selection, to be sure, yet they transcended the bounds that all previous organisms in earth’s history needed to abide by.

Humanity’s lame duck days brought a reducing population, which also meant reducing the power base from which and drew their strength. They had manifested from human culture, from history. As that culture and history drew nigh, so too did the Champions.

In the beginning, two exact opposites existed
Yet now, it is almost exclusively one that remains
Why, then, has primordial symmetry not persisted?
Could the answer lie in exactly opposite domains?