CHAPTER 40 (12520 Champions Era / 2520 AD) – I

One vs Zero: 13.8 billion years ago, the One and the Zero were born. They were the binary that instigated the relationship between rivals. Their creation was creation.

Big Bang: What preceded their birth had been everything … and nothing, for it had nothing to compare itself against. It was change that brought about opposition … dynamism … existence.

Planck Epoch: The primordial struggle between Champion One and Champion Zero commenced when the immeasurable struggled for recognition, forging the contest ahead in the hottest of fires that desire can ignite.

Grand Unification Epoch: Once initiated, the separation was realized as One and Zero were ripped apart by seemingly irreconcilable differences.

Electroweak Epoch (Inflationary Epoch): As One tried to bring its partner back, using force and strength, it only hardened Zero’s repulsion, moving them instead in opposite directions.

Quark Epoch: Now separated by an increasingly large chasm, both found inner complexity within themselves. Though each still defined themselves in relation to their partner, they began to grow on separate-yet-parallel paths toward maturity.

Hadron Epoch: Becoming more complex beings, their characteristics subdivided into new arenas. This mutual growth created new battlefields for future engagements. Their relationship may have been cooling, but plenty of heat persisted.

Lepton Epoch: What had passed felt like a mere instant, yet their relationship had reached a point where their positives and negatives seemed to be perfectly matched in opposition, creating a balance between their innumerable contrasts. The decoupling completed the annihilation of the last remaining common ground.

Photon Epoch (Nucleosynthesis/Recombination): The utter violence of the separation and the matching of equal-but-opposite characteristics laid the groundwork for the foundation of their shared edifice. One contributed the beams and Zero offered the halos for what would become their house of light and dark. This home of unrest radiated effects that still ripple in today’s background.

Cosmic Dark Age: Fully realized as The Irresistible Force and The Immovable Object, One and Zero need each other to define their meaning. Their struggle gave them purpose. Separated, they floundered aimlessly, even if they found their respective domains habitable. When One and Zero were not in contact with each other, the lack of creative tension crushed dynamism.

Galaxy Formation (Reionization): No matter how long they managed to stay away from each other, however, it was inevitable that One and Zero’s shared destinies would bring them back together. One could not resist the beckoning of The Other, absence calling out for presence. The two reengaged across new battlefields, each becoming stronger by honing their skills in competition.

Present Day: Brought back into conflict across all aspects of everything, One and Zero continue the contest that pushes existence forward.

A life created knowing all too well
That it will succumb to a final knell
The love that burns so hot that goes to hell
It’s the oldest story there is to tell