The following is an excerpt from Victor Strife’s Lineal Champions of History, a book chronicling the known history of the Champions of Light and Dark, pieced together by the Vicars Salamander throughout the centuries…

Victor Strife’s Lineal Champions of History
Circa 0 Champions Era (10000 BC)
Champion One #1: The Irresistible Force
Champion Zero #1: The Immovable Object

Much is uncertain about the origin of the Champions on earth. It is my strong conviction – building upon the cumulative works of the Vicars Salamander before me – that the Champions came to earth about twelve thousand years ago, causing the major advancements in human technological and cultural sophistication we see from that time. It is my assertion that this first contact came in Anatolia given its central role that region has played throughout human history.

Were these Champions from another world? Were they “real” Gods? Perhaps they were spawned via a natural cause we don’t yet understand when consciousness advances beyond a certain point, separating humans from the rest of the animal family? What is clear is that they serve as opposing forces, locked in an eternal struggle, advancing culture forward through the push and pull of their contest. Whatever brought them here, my second assertion is that we are currently living alongside the last of their respective dynasties. A close reading of our secret histories shows that humanity has been advancing at an exponential rate over the past few generations. All of history has led us to this moment where our current Champions, Aricame (One) and Stievo (Zero), are the most powerful entities ever. I feel their power. Every human on earth feels their power. We are at the breaking point. I do not know what will come, but I shall bring them together for the battle that I believe will bring about a new age. I can only hope to live long enough to witness what wonders may follow.

[Note: the above was written by Victor Strife in 11941 Champions Era (1941 AD). What follows below was written by us, Avril and Avril, the 100th and final leaders of the Vicars Salamander, in the year 12045 of the Champions Era (2045 AD).]

All that we know about the truth of existence is due to the work of Victor Strife and all the leaders of the VS before him, dating back to our founder, The Salamander. It is with the utmost respect that we offer an alternative to Victor’s hypothesis. It is truly astonishing that Victor not only accurately identified Aricame and Stievo as the ultimate Champions, but we believe that he also accurately identified the year and location of their first appearance. The discovery of Göbekli Tepe almost two decades after his death confirmed both.

Our careful study of the lineages in this book, plus the actions of the final Champions in the century since the book’s completion, have led us to a different understanding of the true nature of the Champions, and of the entire universe. Additionally, the scientific advances that have followed Victor’s life have shed new light on what truly lies behind their contest. It is our assertion that the struggle between the Champions is more of a game than a war.

All of creation was birthed from the division of One/Zero into two. This battle between the Irresistible and the Immovable is the foundation of the cosmos; their duality lies at the heart of every system in nature. It is our mutual contention that the struggle between One and Zero led to the formation of the universe as we know it, and that the evolution of consciousness beyond a certain threshold (a natural byproduct of this back and forth progression) gave rise to a new arena for One and Zero to compete in. What we know as “human history” or “culture” has actually been a game played between forces that govern everything. We also suspect that games like this are playing out simultaneously across the universe in all stages of being.

How does it end? We do not know. We suspect, as Victor did, that we are currently at the inflection point. We believe the Champions are about to either clash or merge, either way for the final time. Humanity’s story is about to end. The Champions will move on to some other arena in which to play their game. And though the VS understand the nature of reality more than any other people ever have, we still find it hard to believe. This is why we are going to hand over these secret histories to the Champions themselves on the same day that we will publish them to all the world.

Since this is the last entry into this book, we cannot deny our hubris in making one last prediction: this contest between One and Zero will eventually, given enough spacetime, run out of games to play. As they meet at their endgame, will they finally crown a winner, likely ending the universe? Or will they reunite into a state identical to what existed before their initial separation? The latter is our hope. Perhaps, once they are finally reunited in their entirety, we can play this game all over again.

There are two types of games
Finite and infinite, their names
One and Zero play the former
Zurvan plays the latter