CHAPTER 25 – II Ohrmazdian art sold all over the country, yet the vast majority of sales came from markets … More


CHAPTER 25 (1957-1962) – I Ahrimanic temples were sprouting up all over the country, yet the vast majority of them … More

River Fire

CHAPTER 24 – III They were both startled awake in the middle of the night, fully alert yet still disoriented, … More

I Will

CHAPTER 24 – II Following the end of the Rae-Ko confrontation, Stievo sought a career change. He was viewed within … More

Spirit Wanes; Form Appears

CHAPTER 24 (1954-1956) – I Self-loathing…self-investigation…interrogation. Aricame paced around, searching deep within…into what some people call “the soul.” It seemed … More

Frozen Conflict

CHAPTER 23 – III After Stievo attained power-parity with Aricame, both Champions knew there would be risks involved with attempting … More


CHAPTER 23 – II Rae and Ko fought more than Cain and Abel. Though they were genetically identical and shared … More

Starting Over

CHAPTER 23 (1950-1953) – I Hanci needed to find her twins. The first place she went after leaving the Seattle … More


CHAPTER 22 – III Three months passed with no action or counter-action between the two Champions. Then everything changed forever. … More


CHAPTER 22 – II Aricame had half a mind to vaporize his ass! For four years he left Stievo alone … More

First Move

CHAPTER 22 (1948-1949) – I It was dubbed “Operation Ahriman.” Stievo’s plan to challenge “Ohrmazd” began with a roundup of … More


CHAPTER 21 – III Aricame and Stievo both wanted to change the world. Both were hesitant to use their immense … More


CHAPTER 21 – II Stievo knew exactly what was happening. In that living room in Manlius, when the daytime sky … More


CHAPTER 21 (1945-1947) – I We knew the world would not be the same We laughed; we cried Mostly we … More