CHAPTER 21 – II Stievo knew exactly what was happening. In that living room in Manlius, when the daytime sky … More


CHAPTER 21 (1945-1947) – I We knew the world would not be the same We laughed; we cried Mostly we … More


CHAPTER 20 – III The two Champions stared at each other with eyes both critical and compassionate. They seemed to … More


CHAPTER 20 – I 1945 Manlius, IL Six years. Six long, brutal, earth-altering years after escaping confinement and restarting a … More


CHAPTER 19 – III Aricame grabbed Janifer’s limp body and swam them both over to the largest piece of wood … More


CHAPTER 19 – II Commandeering (well, hot-wiring and stealing) a speedboat from the harbor, Aricame took to the ocean to … More

Rising Son

CHAPTER 19 – I The room was quiet, peaceful. The day’s initial few sunbeams bypassed the curtains. This was his … More


CHAPTER 18 – III Geryman thought he would never again experience this feeling: uncertainty. Ever since that day in the … More


CHAPTER 18 – II Clutching his head, Stievo woke up with a hangover, though he imbibed no alcohol. The exhilaration … More

One in Ten

CHAPTER 18 – I Huddled in the corner of an old factory whose insides were gutted and floors damp, Stievo … More

Mental Defenses

CHAPTER 17 – III Glendan had been on the run from Geryman for months, owing his survival to his late … More


CHAPTER 17 – II Aricame wanted revenge – to avenge blood with blood. He was dead-set on heading up to … More


CHAPTER 17 – I Moments before Carenf’s demise, an urgent letter was delivered to Aricame’s home. Alone, Aricame sat on … More