Rising Sun

CHAPTER 9 Reason-Empathy We beings, thinking and feeling, well-meaning Unintended consequences be damned – domineering You’re not wrong in your … More


Geryman thought he would never again experience this feeling: uncertainty. Ever since that day in the train car when he … More


Clutching his head, Stievo woke up with a hangover, though he imbibed no alcohol. The exhilaration that came from testing … More

One in Ten

CHAPTER 8 Ethical-Unethical Even in war, there are rules Humanity. Honor…Fools! No human is impervious. Push enough The most gallant … More


Aricame’s response to his mother’s murder was predictable – both as a child and as a Champion. He wanted revenge … More

Mental Defenses

Glendan had been on the run from Geryman for months, owing his survival to his late wife. Glendan had taken … More


CHAPTER 7 Living-Dead At birth, the game of life begins A season consisting of losses and wins A panoply of … More


A love for another, animalistic and mystic Yes, above a lover, altruistic and sadistic Back to the past, eyes firmly … More


Geryman’s trio were on a rampage. The search for Glendan continued and the incessant raids instilled fear into the hearts … More


CHAPTER 6 Attraction-Repulsion Drawn to your beauty, your power Amongst these desperate weeds, you tower Dedicating my life to feed … More